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The photos show the equipment during the initial tests of the prototype at Plymouth University COAST labs.

Sediment detectors were placed one and two metres downstream of the cutter head. The mean stream was 1knot, this increased to three knots in the vicinity of the cutter head due to the venturi effect.

As can be seen from the two traces, it was not possible to detect when the equipment was operating.

3m Cutter head
2m Cutters and shroud
2m Cutter head on excavator
2m Cutter head on flatbed

Our cutter heads are available in 1, 2 or 3 metre widths and we can supply all the equipment necessary to undertake dredging operations, from the cutter head to pumps, excavators and other ancillary equipment.

The equipment can be mounted on to a back hoe or hydraulic excavator or a vessel making it extremely versatile. We can couple it with a rotator giving the operator control of pan, tilt and yaw of the cutter head.

When combined with Differential GPS and software such as dredge pack the equipment can undertake extremely precise dredging operations round piers, along quays and around mooring and power cables.

The video shows two 1 metre units connected together and operating from a Hitachi ZX135 excavator