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We supply precision, environmentally friendly dredging equipment to the marine and other sectors.

Providing precision dredging without affecting the local water quality

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Lutra Marine Limited was formed in 2014 with the aim of developing environmentally friendly techniques for dredging. Over 90% of world trade is carried by sea, ports are a vital part of global infrastructure. Sediment regularly fills up ports regularly reducing the depth of water and preventing safe navigation. Routine dredging is vital to keep these ports open and trade flowing. Due to the ever increasing size of vessels in the shipping industry ports around the world are being expanded and deepened. However conventional dredging methods produce plumes of silt and increase water turbidity which causes damage to sensitive marine environments and affects breeding areas for economically important fisheries such as oysters and sea bass. Environmental objections have prevented major dredging projects which would have brought great economic benefits to the ports involved.

Lutra Marine have a patented method of environmentally friendly dredging, meaning that we can remove sediment and rock from any aquatic environment without causing a drop in the local water quality. This will enable dredging to take place in areas adjoining sites of special environmental interest. The equipment is extremely versatile and can be used from both shore-based equipment and vessels at sea or on water.